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Parkron received favorable reviews in 2022 Singapore's Largest Baby Fair

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작성자 Parklon 댓글 조회 86 views 작성일 22-10-20



Parklon, announced on  the 20th  that it  participated in the largest baby fair BIGGEST BABY FAIR IN SOUTHEAST ASIA held at the Singapore Expo from October 7 to October 10 to explore overseas markets that had been blocked for three years due to COVID-19.

The Singapore Baby Fair was the largest baby fair, and world-famous infant children's brand participated, and Parklon, a brand specializing in playroom mats, introduced various new products such as floor noise mats, Lapure soft, and kitchen mats, drawing attention and response from local visitors.

Parklon said, "As it is a baby fair that has received the attention of countless customers, we are pursuing the expansion of distribution lines that are spreading around the world, and please look forward to Parklon's next step." In addition to Parklon, Zero Block is also available for purchase on the site.