Social Service


Social Service

Building a Business and Community of Mutual Benefits

Parklon partners with trusted and professional organizations to provide social services in various areas.
Parklon will continue serving those in need to thank the community and make the world more hopeful.
  • Salvation Army Charity Headquarters

    The Salvation Army works to help the most vulnerable elements of the society to make our communities healthier. It reaches out to our neighbors in dire situations to help them live and walk into the future with better hopes.

  • Korean Animal Welfare Association

    Korean Animal Welfare Association promotes the adoption of abandoned pets, in addition to lobbying for animal welfare laws. The organization’s efforts can only be made possible when people wish for animals to lead better lives. Regardless of whether they are human, all living beings have the right to be protected and respected for their existence.

  • Community Chest of Korea

    Carrying out charity campaigns during holidays and throughout the year, Community Chest of Korea is the symbol of neighborly charity among the Korean people. As a legally registered charity distribution organization, Community Chest of Korea sends funding to 30,000 social welfare agencies and institutions to help 4 million people in need.

  • Beautiful Foundation

    The Beautiful Foundation is operated by donors, local activists, and citizens. In health, education, labor, culture, social participation and community integration, safety, residence, and environment, the foundation works in phases to initiate small changes that can facilitate grassroots movements.

  • Eugene Bell Foundation

    Providing tuberculosis medicine and diagnostic devices for North Korean residents, the Eugene Bell Foundation is engaging in medical programs to eliminate the disease, which is one of the most serious health issues in North Korea. 250,000 general tuberculosis patients were treated in 70 North Korean medical institutions through the help of the Eugene Bell Foundation.

  • YMCA

    Since it was founded in 1844, YMCA has been organizing educational, labor, and youth movements, in addition to helping Korea build a democracy and civil societies. Today, more than 67 chapters across Korea are working together to promote social justice, peace, and life regardless of the members’ religion, race, gender, and cultural background.